Words From the Editor

By Ken Kalisch


Kalisch, K. (2002). Words from the editor. Chameleons! Online E-Zine, July 2002. (http://www.chameleonnews.com/02JulKalischWFTE.html)

Welcome to the third edition to CHAMELEONS E-Zine!

This issue has a great variety of subject matter, there is something here to peak everyone's interest.

Dr. Dmitry Vassielev explains one of the most commonly used parasitic medications, Panacur, in depth. If you ever had any questions about it's use, you won't once you read this. He then goes on to talk about the worms that are targetted by Fenbendazole, the active ingredient in Panacur.

Bill Strand raises all our awareness with a very interesting article, which discusses the reality of producing, selling and dealing with the (re) production of chameleons. Anyone who's had or plans to have baby chameleons has to deal with these issues. It is a subject that needs to be considered carefully and is oftentimes overlooked until after the fact.

We have three very different articles that help us all to look at the ways in which we house chameleons. Caging has always been an area of contention and oftentimes a very hot topic of discussion. These articles should provide several opportunities to get you to think outside of the box (or the cage). Trevor Dell discusses various caging techniques seen on his travels through the world, Chris Caetta and Wolf Kruger give their take on caging "Up North" and lastly, Ken Kalisch shows how to build a simple tabletop vivarium. I think that after you read these articles you will have even more to think about and hopefully, these articles will provide even more caging options for your chameleons.

We continue to have the good fortune of the contributions of Dr. Sue Donoghue. She once again shares her insight and wisdom in her column on Nutrition. Don Wells, our Contributing Editor, is back again with Q & A's on chameleons in his "Just Ask!" column.

Once again, I want to extend a very hearty thank you to all who contributed their time and knowledge to this issue. It is the sum total of our collective knowledge that helps us to succeed in the care of these reptiles.

We hope that you find this issue to be a useful addition to your growing knowledgebase. Enjoy the issue, and please, if you have any thoughts or information you'd like to share or see here, feel free to drop us a line! We will use your suggestions, Really!

Thank you,



Ken Kalisch

Ken Kalisch has worked with over 40 species of chameleons in the last decade. He was co-editor of the Chameleon information Network, as well as being published by Advanced Vivarium Systems dealing with his experience breeding Calumma parsonii parsonii in captivity. He was the editor of this CHAMELEONS! EZine from March 2002-March 2004.


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