Words From the Editor

By Ken Kalisch


Kalisch, K. (2002). Words from the editor. Chameleons! Online E-Zine, September 2002. (http://www.chameleonnews.com/02SepKalischWFTE.html)

Welcome to our 4th edition to CHAMELEONS E-Zine!

I hope you will enjoy this new issue and please, if you have any thoughts or information you'd like to share or see here, drop us a line!

This issues features:

Stephen O'Neal shares with us the oftentimes scary and frustrating needs and circumstances that accompany the shipping of the precious cargo of living creatures. If you have ever had to ship a chameleon this article is sure to help you to avoid the pitfalls that many first timers often encounter in shipping.

Continuing with our series on parasitic medications, Dr. Dmitry Vassielev helps explains one of the most commonly used parasitic medications Flagyl, metronidazole.

Angus I. Carpenter brings us and article that is an excellent follow up to the Madagascar shipment article in the May issue dealing with the Madagascar trade issues. One of my all time favorite groups of chameleons is beautifully presented by Chad Smith with his wonderful piece on Brookesia. These diminutive chameleons tend to be easily overlooked; this article should open hobbyist eyes to their unique beauty and appeal. Chris Anderson has brought together a beautiful montage of photographs capturing the many various forms of Calumma brevicornis found throughout Madagascar and a very thought provoking article that helps to look more closely at what we are seeing and the often disputed and sometimes confusing work of taxonomic identification. And in our "Another Color" series, Doug Johnston shares his experiences in caring for Phelsuma geckos.

Dr. Sue Donoghue shares her wisdom and insight in her column on Nutrition. This issue deals with insect prey and the ways one can determine the food value of the insects that are being fed. Quite interesting and amazing! CHAMELEONS! Contributing Editor, Don Wells, offers up his own insightful advice again with Q & A's on chameleons in his "Just Ask!" column.

I want to extend a very hearty thank you to all that contributed their time and knowledge to this issue.

And last but not least, a little bit of an editorial...

Many things influence us in path to the hobbies that we become involved with. My own is a true love of nature and all that it is. I became involved with reptiles accidentally. Through the years of working with chameleons I have found that the people in the hobby to be constant source of inspiration and knowledge. It seems that at times this gets lost in the issues and agendas that circle these creatures. Yet at times these same issues become a stumbling block to the hobbyist resulting in the lost of support for those that really need the help. The issues that we face today in the reptile industry are making all of us look at what we are doing and how we do it. There is much to concern us with the trends in our hobby on both the political and environmental levels. We need the information, but we also need a place to go that is supportive and helpful. When I was affiliated with CiN it was that commitment that compelled me to educate and share information with the hobbyist. Now, as the editor of CHAMELEONS! my commitment is continued for all the owners of chameleons. I hope that this and each issue of this zine succeeds in the goal if adding to the further enhancement of chameleons in captivity

Thank you,


Ken Kalisch

Ken Kalisch has worked with over 40 species of chameleons in the last decade. He was co-editor of the Chameleon information Network, as well as being published by Advanced Vivarium Systems dealing with his experience breeding Calumma parsonii parsonii in captivity. He was the editor of this CHAMELEONS! EZine from March 2002-March 2004.


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