Words From the Editor

By Ken Kalisch


Kalisch, K. (2003). Words from the editor. Chameleons! Online E-Zine, January 2003. (http://www.chameleonnews.com/03JanKalischWFTE.html)

Welcome to CHAMELEONS E-Zine!

It has been one year since we began CHAMELEONS! E-Zine and it has been quite an adventure for all of us involved. We have been so happy with the responses from all over the world to the Zine. I am constantly amazed at the worldwide scope of people that it has reached. I must say a heartfelt and enormous thanks to all the authors and contributors that have help to further the awareness of the chameleons for everyone. The site would not be what it is, if it were not for all their generous efforts! THANK YOU ALL!

Our latest issue offers a cornucopia of subject matter surely to peak everyone's interest.

Bill Strand puts together an article on one of the most commonly used medications, Baytril. If you ever wondered what this drug was about, read this.

I have written an article on setting up an appropriate nesting site for your chameleon to lay her eggs. This is sometimes a tricky process and hopefully this article will help to take some of the kinks out of satisfying that picky female chameleon.

Bill Strand does what he does best by offering a wonderful article on hints and tips to help make all those things we do with our chameleons easier!

Don Wells offers us a very useful article on breeding crickets dealing with the how, why and why nots of these often used invertebrates!

We continue to have the good fortune of the contributions of Dr. Sue Donoghue. She once again shares her insight and wisdom in her column on Nutrition. This issue is the second installment on Calcium. The article explains the different ways in which the chameleon can ingest calcium.

Don Wells, our Contributing Editor, is also back again with Q & A's on chameleons in his "Just Ask!" column.

Also new to this issue is a book review on A Field Guide to the Reptiles of East Africa. This is the first of an ongoing series of reviews on chameleon related books.

I want thank those who contributed their time and knowledge to this issue. It is the sum total of our shared collective knowledge that helps us to succeed in the care of these reptiles.

We hope that you find this issue to be a useful addition to your growing knowledgebase. Enjoy !




Ken Kalisch

Ken Kalisch has worked with over 40 species of chameleons in the last decade. He was co-editor of the Chameleon information Network, as well as being published by Advanced Vivarium Systems dealing with his experience breeding Calumma parsonii parsonii in captivity. He was the editor of this CHAMELEONS! EZine from March 2002-March 2004.


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