Words From the Editor

By Christopher V. Anderson & Bill Strand


Anderson, C.V. & B. Strand (2004). Words from the editor. Chameleons! Online E-Zine, May 2004. (http://www.chameleonnews.com/04MayAndersonStrandWFTE.html)

An Editor's Goodbye:

Dear Readers of the Chameleons! E-Zine,

It is a tough thing to write, but I will be stepping down as Editor of this E-Zine as of this issue. Time commitments have become tighter and tighter for me and I do not want to see the E-Zine suffer because of that. Seeing this problem, I got in contact with Chris Anderson who has been an author and a guest editor for the E-Zine. I am excited to say that Chris enthusiastically accepted the helm of Editor. Chris has the energy and vision that it takes to keep something like this going and growing.

I remember sitting down with Ken Kalisch and Don Wells at the end of 2001 discussing the need for a dynamic source of information about chameleons. We envisioned a newsletter that would be constantly updated with new information from many points of view. We envisioned an exchange of ideas and experiences in a format that all could view and utilize. To that end I believe the E-Zine has achieved its goal! The journey has been a wonderful one filled with making new friends from around the world. The E-Zine’s readership continues to grow each month and the statistics show that the website is viewed in all corners of the world. In the early days it was a thrill to note which new countries found their way to our site!

As time permits I will continue to support this E-Zine. In the meantime I will join the rest of you watching as the “next generation” takes over. Chris will change the look and a different driving force behind any project cannot help but change the experience. I am excited to see where this E-Zine will go next!

Happy Reading!

Bill Strand

Words From the Editor:

Since the first issue of the Chameleons! Online E-Zine was released in March 2002, Bill Strand, Don Wells and Ken Kalisch have worked endlessly to create and maintain a chameleon publication of high quality and standard. Unfortunately, due to their other life commitments, the time came recently where they felt they could no longer keep up with the needs of the E-Zine. Rather than bring this valued resource down with them, they have asked me to pick up where they have left off and continue to provide the chameleon community with informative articles. They’ve left large shoes to fill in their absence but it is my hope that I will be able to maintain the quality of this publication.

In order to help maintain the E-Zine's quality, I've enlisted the help of two other chameleon keepers. Franco Gagliardi will be the new Assistant Editor. Franco is chameleon breeder known by many for the quality of his breeders. Brandy Snow will be the new webmaster. Brandy is a Canadian chameleon keeper with her own web design company. As you can see, she has been working very hard on a new look for the E-Zine. I hope you all like it as well as we do!

I want to thank all the authors for this issue. They all worked very hard to finish their articles at short notice and I am very pleased with how well they did. I'd also like to thank Don Wells. He's agreed to continue to contribute a few more of his insect profiles and his Q&A column. I'm very pleased to continue having his presence!

It is my goal to continue to provide high quality and informative issues so I would like to invite the readers to contact us with any ideas you might have. We are always looking for article ideas, new authors and questions for our Q&A column. To submit comments, ideas or questions, please click the contact section at the top of the window.

Thank you all very much and enjoy the issue,

Chris Anderson


Christopher V. Anderson

Chris Anderson is a herpetologist currently working on his Ph.D. at the University of South Florida after receiving his B.S. from Cornell University. He has spent time in the jungles of South East Asia, among other areas, aiding in research for publication. He has previously traveled throughout Madagascar in search of, and conducting personal research on, the chameleons of the region. He has traveled to over 35 countries, including chameleon habitat in 6. Currently, Chris is the Editor and Webmaster of the Chameleons! Online E-Zine and is studying the kinematics and morphological basis of ballistic tongue projection and tongue retraction in chameleons for his dissertation. Chris Can be emailed at Chris.Anderson@chameleonnews.com or cvanders@mail.usf.edu.

Bill Strand

Bill Strand currently works in the area of exotic animal breeding and continues to refine husbandry techniques with a broad range of chameleon species. A special interest of his is the creation of captive environments. He was the Assistant Editor and Webmaster of this Chameleons! E-Zine from March 2002-March 2004.


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