Words from the Guest Editor

By Bill Strand


Strand, B. (2012). Words from the Guest Editor. Chameleons! Online E-Zine, November 2012. (http://www.chameleonnews.com/12NovStrandWFTE.html)

Ten years ago I hit "Go Live" on the very first issue of the Chameleons eZine.  Ten years ago?!?  It is amazing how far it has come!  The founding members, Ken Kalisch, Don Wells, and I, agreed that the purpose of the eZine was to provide a store of information from a diversity of keepers and create a place for the chameleon keeping community to rally around.  The power of the Internet allowed this to be a truly worldwide community.  It was an absolute blast putting together each issue!  Sure, many articles ideas came from what we thought we could share to help others, but a great deal of articles came from us asking ourselves what we wanted to learn!

In 2004, after 11 issues, we passed the helm over to Chris Anderson, the current owner of the eZine.  He took the mantle with gusto and added on an additional 12 more issues!  The power of the eZine remains that it is made up of contributions of the community it serves.  One idea I had when I was editor of this eZine was to have guest editors who could create their own issues.  It is ironic that, so many years later, I have the distinction of being the very first guest editor!  Thank you, Chris, I am greatly honored that you have allowed me this tenth anniversary opportunity! 

Let's dive into what we have served up for you today!

Keeping up with the Melleri

In this issue we visit the long term free range Trioceros melleri colony of Karen Venaas.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch your evening television show surrounded by large chameleons that are likely to crawl down to your shoulder to check you out?  As you can imagine, it is not simple to set-up and maintain!  But it truly is an experience to remember!

The Healing Diet

We know that eating certain foods can have medicinal value for us.  What about for chameleons?  Asia Kauffman runs a chameleon rescue where she is in constant care of chameleons needing rehabilitation.  She has taken to providing certain foods to help with the recovery process and shares with you insight into her approach to nutrition and shares an anti-inflammation recipe she uses to help chameleons during their medication periods.

The South Bay Chameleon Keepers

You love chameleons.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to talk with other chameleon keepers in person?  There aren't many others that will understand what you are talking about!  In 2007, Dave Weldon co-founded the South Bay Chameleon Keepers group which continues to have monthly meetings to this day.  Laurie Sageser interviews Dave on how he started the group and how it became so successful.  How about starting a group in your area?

Q&A: My Chameleon Stopped Eating!

Is a hunger strike something to worry about?  The question really is not if it is something to worry about, but at what point it becomes a concern.  No worries or vet visit?  I discuss the signs to watch for so that you are in a position to make an informed judgment.

Rise of the Super Breeders

A handful of exceptional breeders have quietly established some multi-generational breeding groups for some "off the beaten track" species.  A worthy achievement to be sure.  But what will become of their efforts?  Can this be a foundation of something bigger?  Could we make this a community victory?  The answer is yes.  Find out how you can join in, coordinate your efforts, and be part of something only dreamed of by the past community.  This is truly an exciting time for chameleon keeping.

I hope this issue helps you see something new about your chameleon passion.  We share an incredible interest that is nothing short of other-worldly.  Enjoy this issue and feed that fire of fascination!  We experienced keepers have paved a road for you not so you can end up where we are, but so you can more easily take the art of chameleon keeping to the next level!  It is amazing what I have learned from those I mentored some short years ago.  My sincere hope is that you come back and show us something we have never thought of before!

Have a great holiday season, stay safe, and don't forget a couple of silkworms under the tree for your little arboreal dinosaur!

Bill Strand

Bill Strand

Bill Strand has been keeping and breeding chameleons since the 1980s.  He loves baby chameleons and laments that they ever have to grow up.  Bill co-founded the Chameleons! Online E-Zine and heads the South Bay Chameleon Keepers in Southern California. He currently runs Dragon Strand, which develops specialty cages for the chameleon community at http://dragonstrand.com. He and his wife, Yvette, breed a number of species and continue to debate the merits of naming an animal that won’t come when it is called.  They both enjoy living amongst these incredible miniature tree dragons.


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